Canada Techno takes seriously issues related to the protection of your personal information. To protect your rights, we have established this policy on the protection of privacy. Please make sure you understand our policy in this regard and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about this document.

Use of personal information

Canada Techno will not sell, rent, lend, Exchange or give your email address, your zip code or phone number to any third party without your explicit permission. Your personal information are protected and can not be found by an outer third. Canada Techno will use the personal information from the client only when necessary to provide contracted services and to collect the due fees.

Disclosure of personal information

The customer authorizes Canada Techno to use its name, company name, city or country information and comments in the documents of sale or as testimonials on the site Web of CAnada Techno. At any time, the client may send a written notification to withdraw this authorization. Canada Techno will reveal only your personal information to third parties if required by law following a valid jurisdiction court order or if necessary collection agency.

A non-personal aggregate of information disclosure

Canada Techno can share with its partners, associates or third parties, an anonymous global aggregate non-personal information about its users or website visitors. For example, we may provide statistical data about the number of users of a particular sector. The information provided would be used for statistics purposes and will reveal your identity at any time.

Questions or comments

For additional questions, contact our team by using our contact form.