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You can try our services without risk for 30 days with the possibility to easily get your money back if you are not satisfied or if you change your mind. No question no you will be asked.

Applicable to all customers

By subscribing on the Internet, or by using any other method of subscription to the service of Canada Techno including the subscription via a third party, a representative or a marketing partner, you benefit from this warranty of satisfaction if your subscription billed directly by CAnada Techno.

Who can benefit from the warranty?

The following warranty applies to the first renewable service offered by Canada Techno to a customer, with the exception of the services listed in the exclusion clause. All clients with renewable services whose account is in good standing, i.e. with no outstanding amount, are eligible for the warranty.

Terms of warranty

If you are not satisfied and you wish to cancel your subscription, let know us within 30 days of opening your account by using the contact form. Within this period and without any requirement or explanation, Canada Techno assure you full refund of monthly fees, and monthly charges paid in advance, either the payment of the first month during the subscription as well as the other months prepaid.


This warranty does not apply to domain names, SSL certificates, to the billing of traffic or bandwidth to the work invoiced according to the time of work and installation costs.

Claim procedure

In order to proceed with the closure of your account and claim the warranty, the owner of the account must connect to its Client account and fill out the form. The processing of the application will be in the 10 to 15 working days following receipt of the request.

$$ Warranty contract accommodation

The warranty described in this page is automatically valid for all subscribers to the service of Canada Techno. Canada Techno reserves the right to modify this warranty, and this, at any time without notice. The changes will be posted on this page.
The following policies apply to all clients to the services of Canada Techno.  By subscribing to services CAnada Techno, including the subscription via a third party, a representative or a marketing partner, you accept the policies described in this DOCUMENT and agree to abide by them.

Map of services is defined as the description of the such hosting package as presented on the website of Canada Techno. In this document, the sections identified by Canada Techno accommodation apply to subscribers in all hosting plans.

General terms of the hosting agreement

Canada Techno is committed to provide client connectivity to the Internet, the hosting space and Internet traffic, that specific pay-per-view services such. CAnada Techno undertakes to devote all commercially reasonable efforts to ensure the best possible service to the customer.

Privacy policy

Canada Techno is committed to use the personal information provided by the customer only in the context of its daily operations and those of its partners and not to disclose to other parties without the consent of the clients concerned with the exception of the authorities for the application of Act, if requested by such authorities, and to collection agencies when necessary. Canada Techno may use the name of the company or the client, as well as the comments submitted as reference in its advertising or the texts of its site. The client can at any time send a notice by email to ask that his name or his comments are not used.

Connectivity to the Internet services

Canada Techno undertakes to provide the Client Connectivity to the Internet, IP addressing and traffic Internet, such that specific pay-per-view services. The Client undertakes to use the bandwidth in compliance with acceptable use policies.

IP addresses

Any address assigned to the Client by Canada Techno, IP must be maintained by the Client in accordance with ARIN and effectively, and should be used 80% within thirty (30) days from its assignment to the customer by CAnada Techno. Failing to comply with this section may result in the revocation of the IP by Canada Techno after five (5) days ' notice to the Client. Canada Techno will maintain control and ownership of any number or address from the internet protocol that can be assigned to the customer by CAnada Techno. Canada Techno also reserves the right to modify or withdraw this internet protocol at its discretion.

Other services

If the customer so requests, Canada Techno may at its option provide the customer with one technical or non technical support, as appropriate, other than that included in the map of services particularly in the restart of the systems, the diagnosis of failures in diagnosing of operation scripts and programming, to the DNS service or to any other type of support ("other services") in the context of the use by the customer of the area of the Client and bandwidth Services. Unless the parties have agreed otherwise, the customer agrees to pay these other service delivery at a rate of $ 150 hour, billed in blocks of at least 30 minutes each.

Installation, removal, property and access to equipment

Canada Techno is responsible for the installation of the equipment and is the sole owner of the equipment used by the client. The client does not have and cannot exercise any right on the equipment. Access to equipment is not permitted. The client will be in no case authorized to work or to make changes to equipment.

Immediate threat

If, in the opinion of CAnada Techno, acting in a reasonable manner, the site hosted server constitutes an immediate threat to the integrity or performance equipment or network Canada Techno or any other user of the services, or constitutes a threat to the safety of any person whatsoever, Canada Techno may then take the measures it considers necessary , without notice to the customer and without liability for any damage can be caused by a possible interruption in the course of commercial activities of the Client (or customers, if applicable). As soon as possible after the completion of such work, Canada Techno will notify customer by e-mail about the nature of the work carried out or measures taken, as appropriate.


In the event where Canada Techno upon request by email, the Client agrees to relocate its site or its (his) Server (s) to the new location offered by CAnada Techno, within a period of thirty (30) days of the receipt of the notice to this effect.


The Client agrees to not hold responsible Canada Techno and indemnify against any claim, liability, injury, death or all damage that may result or arise from the use or occupation of the accommodation space rented by the customer. CAnada Techno will be liable for any loss, theft, disappearance, damage, or destruction of any personal property, including the data of the customer registered or placed by him in the leased space or surrounding property irrespective of the cause. Under no circumstances CAnada Techno be required to provide insurance for equipment owned by the customer or the data hosted by the Client.

Default client

If the customer is in default in one or other of the obligations entrusted to it under this Convention, CAnada Techno may at its option take one or the other or all of the following measures: (i) suspend access to the area of the Client, without notice; (ii) if the Client is in default due to non-payment of any amount due to Canada Techno. Canada Techno may exercise all rights and remedies granted to a party of a guarantee under the applicable laws, including and without limiting the foregoing, proceed in accordance with the shorter notice provided for by law (if any).

Method of payment

Unless otherwise specified by the Client, billing for services of Canada Techno communications. are done by e-mail. The first invoice must be paid prior to the opening of the account. The following invoices must be fully paid up to fifteen (15) days after receipt of the invoice.


All monthly recurring charges are payable in advance on the term chosen by the Client (such as monthly, quarterly, annually). The payment of the first month of service, as specified in the card services, must be paid by the customer to Canada Techno at the opening of the account. All amounts must be paid in dollars ($US or $CA) within fifteen (15) days of the date appearing on the invoices issued by Canada Techno, such invoices being issued 15 days before the end of the paid period. Any payment not made by the due date shall bear interest at the rate of two percent (2%) per month, compounded monthly (corresponding to an annual rate of interest of 26.86%). Any cheque or direct debit which will be returned for lack of funds will result in charges of $ 20 CA management.

Debits by credit cards

In the case of credit card payments, Canada Techno will use the information in its possession to make a payment to the billing date. The client will receive no previous notice payment. He will receive a notice after each sampling carried out on the credit card. If ever the client wants to disable the automatic debit, it is to contact the customer service via its client area in 'billing contact'. If the client wishes then to re - activate the automatic debit, simply, during a manual payment, select the checkbox "pre-authorized". By submitting a first payment or in re-activating the automatic debit option, the customer confirms that he has read and accepts these conditions of operation for direct debit. In addition, the client therefore allows Canada Techno to debit the amount of the outstanding balance on the credit card used. Customer authorizes therefore also its credit card issuing financial institution to charge its account for the amounts related to the services of CAnada Techno. This authorization will be valid until a person authorized on the account application to suspend the automatic debit.
The Client will make such payments in the form of pre-authorized payments to a credit card, by cheque or bank transfer shot immediately available funds, said cheque to be delivered to Canada Techno at its address... Payment by cheque or bank transfer must be made for a minimum period of 3 months.

Default of payment

Following a default in payment, a notice of 48 hours to remedy will be shipped. Where payment is not made within the prescribed period, the account will be temporarily suspended for non-payment. This suspension will be made by cutting the FTP access and by changing the home page. The fee of $25 will be applied to reactivate the account in addition to the full payment of outstanding invoices, and this, regardless of the type of service.

Modification of charges payable

Notice of at least thirty (30) days before the end of the term, Canada Techno. may change the charges payable under this agreement. The Client agrees to pay all taxes imposed with respect to the services referred to the map of services (as amended from time to time by the parties) or in respect of the other services referred to the map of the other services provided by CAnada Techno, where appropriate under this Convention.

Cancellation or non-renewal of the agreement

The agreement is automatically renewed at the end of each payment period. One or other of the parties may terminate this agreement on the monthly anniversary of the product (the monthly anniversary date is the day of the month in which the account was opened. For example, if your account opening date is September 8, changes can be made 8 of every month) or after the end of the commitment period indicated on the map of service, (i) without cause, notice of 48 hours prior to the date of anniversary monthly in writing to the other party; or (ii) if the other party (x) is in default with respect to an important element of the present (this includes, any failure on the part of the customer to make a payment by the due date) and if it has not remedied this defect within a reasonable time following receipt of a notice issued by the other party noting; or (y) voluntarily is the subject of proceedings taken under bankruptcy or insolvency laws, or is involuntarily subjected to proceedings taken under statutory provisions in bankruptcy or insolvency which is not dismissed within a period of sixty (60) days from the moment of their deposit. The closing account or renewal application must be accompanied by the signature of the Client, except if this request is made through the accessible Client online. This request may be sent by fax or by mail to the address of Canada Techno which is located on its web site: www.canadatechno.ca. Notice of closure of the account must contain the domain name of the account to cancel or the identifier of the server, the name of the customer, the customer's signature and the reason for the cancellation of the account.

Changes to the account or the card services

Any changes to the services card or change to the account means an increase in the monthly amount paid by the customer can be done at any time, at the request of the client. Any changes to the services card or change to the account meaning a reduction in the monthly amount paid by the customer can be made that after the end of the commitment period indicated on the card of services or, when there is no ongoing commitment, only from the next date monthly anniversary of the intended product. Refund policy amounts paid in advance may not be repaid after the satisfaction guarantee that ends 30 days after the date of delivery of the service. However, on the monthly anniversary of the intended product and after the end of the commitment period indicated on the service card, a credit equivalent to the amounts paid in advance may be applied to the account of the Client for the purchase of other products or services sold by Funio. Billing errors can be credited to a maximum retroactive period of two (2) months. Payment obligation.

Refund policy

The amounts paid in advance may be reimbursed after the satisfaction guarantee that ends 30 days after the date of delivery of the service. However, on the monthly anniversary of the intended product and after the end of the commitment period indicated on the service card, a credit equivalent to the amounts paid in advance may be applied to the customer's account for the purchase of other products or services sold by CAnada Techno. Billing errors can be credited to a maximum retroactive period of two (2) months.

Payment obligation

The customer is obliged to pay his account, even if in fact no use. At the opening of an account, CAnada Techno assigns and reserve a hosting space, resources and equipment according to the customer's needs; the Client therefore has the possibility to use his account in his own way since its commissioning.

Credit authorization

The customer authorizes by the present Canada Techno, to obtain information about credit and financial and banking references for the Client, in order to assess the quality of the credit of the Client, and the Client agrees to execute and deliver to Enriquesaladrigas Techno such other documents and insurance and take such other measures that Canada Techno may reasonably require from time to time to carry out the intent and purpose of this article.


Customer acknowledges that Canada Techno allow other users of the SERVICE to install their SITES and servers in its facilities. CAnada Techno can in no way be held liable for a few damages, costs or losses incurred to the CLIENT (or CLIENTS of the latter) because of an act or the material of another holder of the SERVICE or failure to act on behalf of another licensee of the SERVICE. CONTRACT, tort (including due to NEGLIGENCE), statutory or other of Canada Techno towards the CLIENT (or CLIENTS of the latter) relating to the performance or non-performance, as appropriate, of any OBLIGATION arising from this CONVENTION, in respect of any claim, what it is, is limited and cannot in no case exceed the total fees paid by customer to CAnada Techno under this CONVENTION to the DURING THE PERIOD OF THREE (3) MONTHS IMMEDIATELY PRECEDING THE DATE ON WHICH SUCH CLAIM AROSE. CAnada Techno may in no case be held responsible for loss of PROFITS or special damages, indirect, ancillary, incidental or punitive damages.

Major forces

Canada Techno cannot be responsible for a delay, interruption or breach of any of its obligations due to a fortuitous event, of a declared war or not, a terrorist attack, a fire, a storm, a failure of prolonged power, landslide, earthquake Earth, a virus attack, a computer virus or any other event of the same nature for which the affected part has no control ("force majeure"). Cases of force majeure, the party invoking force majeure shall notify the other party as soon as possible. The party invoking force majeure undertakes to devote all commercially reasonable efforts to put an end to the impact of force majeure or remedy. However, this article cannot be relied on to excuse the failure to make any payment on the due date.


Canada Techno will do everything it can in order to have backup of the contents of the server and puts in place a mechanism of full backup for all of its hosting solutions. Whatever, the client must, at any time, be sure to have a copy of relief of its sites and databases, as well as any content that is hosted in its space. Canada Techno shall in no event be held liable for damages resulting from the loss of data.


The customer may, in the ordinary course of its business reselling services to its clients for their own use subject to compliance with all the terms and conditions set out in this Convention. The Client will act as single point of contact with regard to such clients and Canada Techno and the Client remained responsible for all fees and other costs payable under this Convention. The Act or omission on the part of such a client that would constitute a breach of this agreement if it was because of the Client, shall be deemed to constitute a contravention of the Convention on the part of the Client. The customer also agrees to defend, indemnify and hold Canada free, Techno, its officers, directors and employees (collectively referred to as the compensated), for any damages, costs and expenses, including reasonable legal fees, arising or occurring due to any act or omission on the part of such a client that would constitute a breach of this agreement or otherwise performance or non-performance part having any connection whatsoever with this Convention.

Property and copyright

The Client represents and certifies that it is either the owner of the content it hosts, whether it owns all the rights required to respect such content to place such content in the unserved premises.

Entire agreement

This terms of services, the terms of use agreement and its schedules constitute the entire agreement between the parties, and take precedence over any other proposal, discussion or written agreements reached between the parties on this subject. SUBJECT to any STIPULATION in this CONVENTION, Canada Techno makes no REPRESENTATION, warranty or CONDITION, express or implied or statutory warranties of merchantability, durability, or suitability for the use to which the goods or SERVICES covered intended, or their property or their compliance in addition, nor as yet to be such other warranties or conditions from a law or law , OR IN THE COURSE OF TRANSACTIONS OR USAGE OF TRADE.

Divisibility and fitness provisions

If any part of the provisions of this agreement is deemed unenforceable or illegal or becomes unenforceable or illegal, that party will be reclamation to the extent necessary to ensure that this convention remains in force as the other terms and conditions which are set forth and to the extent of the affected provision is thus reclamation.

Applicable laws and jurisdiction 

This contract is governed by the laws of Quebec and the Canada that are applicable. The Parties irrevocably submit disputes arising from this contract to the Quebec courts, judicial district of Montreal.


Any complaint or abuse noticed on a site hosted by Funio should be sent to abus@funio.com or by mail to: Canada Techno, 297 avenue Thorncrest, Dorval, H9S 2 X 7, Canada or by fax.

Reserving right of Canada Techno 

Canada Techno reserves the right to modify these policies at any time. CAnada Techno reserves all rights which have not been expressly conferred.

$$ Of domain names

Terms and conditions of use

All domain name registrations are subject to the terms of service and subscribing, the customer agrees to comply. Please read our policies and recommendations of the ICANN. Benefits and responsibilities of the licensee (English only): https://www.icann.org/resources/pages/benefits-2013-09-16-en